Leading Non-Ferrous Metal Manufacturer and Supplier Since 1997



Bada was founded in 1997, dedicated in magnesium manufacturing and providing solutions to the aerospace, automotive, electronics, oil and gas, construction, and specialty markets. Our circular economy approach allows us to offer a wide range of metals, including raw ingots, alloys, billets, and extruded profiles follow by secondary services such as fabrication, welding, machining, anodizing, and coating. 

Manufacturing Warehouses
Production Capacity
Capabilities Beyond Magnesium

Bada has constantly been expanding and enhancing its capabilities beyond primary production, from mining, smelting, alloying, casting of the billet, the extrusion process, fabrication and finally the logistics. We own and operate multiple warehouses in China with the largest factory has now approaches 250,000 ft² in Wenxi, Shanxi. Our comprehensive range of capabilities sets us apart from the competition in the industry. We offer a well-rounded set of services that make sure that your order is not just manufactured to the highest standard but also packaged and delivered in the most satisfactory manner.

Keeping pace with the global market demands for our expanded production capacity, Bada international team is committed to deliver the solutions and cover the needs of each market, thus efficiently assisting our overseas clients to achieve their business goals. Today, Bada has become an exceptionally diversified and recognized supplier, and with continuous innovation in material industry, we remain dedicated to our corporate philosophy of quality and service for our clients.



Cooperate Responsibility and Environmental Commitment

As a full-service material provider, Bada is transforming an environmental liability into a responsible economic asset. Bada has established its circular economy approach that integrates the entire life cycle of resources, including ore mining, metal smelting, alloying, casting, extrusion, processing, and recycling. We develop our manufacturing processes according to the standard ISO 14001:2015 to be an efficient and sustainable business partner to our clients. All our products are primarily designed with energy conservation for the end user in mind, especially for our magnesium alloys, which has complied with the recycle requirements pursuant to SCS Recycled Content Certification. We take great steps to ensure that all our products are recyclable when they have outlived their operating lifespan. We are also certified with ISO 45001:2018 as we make continuous supports and improvements to the environment, the society, and the health and safety of our people in the workplace. 

Leading Non-Ferrous Metal Manufacturer and Supplier
We work alongside our customers to provide innovative solutions to the aerospace, automotive, electronics, oil and gas, construction, and specialty markets.

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