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BADA’s production capacities: 

-50, 000 tons of primary magnesium

-40, 000 tons of alloyed magnesium

-25, 000 tons of DC billets

-30, 000 tons of semi-fabricated magnesium products

-20, 000 tons of alloyed aluminum

-30, 000 tons of aluminum extrusion

In BADA’s industrial sites are operating:

-Dolomite Calcination

-Thermal Reduction

-Smelting and Refining 

-Direct Chill Casting 




-Fabrication & Coating 

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    Dolomite Calcination

    Calcination kiln, ball mill, briquetting machines, reduction furnaces, smelting and refining furnace, and casting machine are the main machinery of magnesium thermal reduction plant. BADA operates one of the largest rotary kilns (furnaces) among the industry for primary magnesium production in China.

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    Thermal Reduction

    BADA adopts the vertical reduction furnace  to obtain crude(crystallized) magnesium, taking modernize control technology to monitor the material turning into raw magnesium and unload the slag. The vertical reduction process is considered environmentally friendly with high heat application rate, which also improves production capacities and ensures the automation, mechanization, and reduced labor intensiveness of magnesium production.

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    Smelting and Refining

    BADA’s smelting and refining processes use both closed joint line system and automated equipment to optimize the process flow, enhancing efficiency and decreasing expenses. The PLC, MHS, and DCS software is used to carry out real-time automatic monitoring of the entire magnesium smelting line. 

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    Direct Chill Casting

    We are experienced in direct chill (DC) casting for the production of high-quality magnesium alloy billets with significantly refined microstructure and reduced cast defects to our customers. We can produce customized magnesium alloy billets such as AZ31B, AZ91D, and AZCOM of diameter between φ92mm-φ600mm. 

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    Our plant is equipped with 5 extrusion lines with capacities range from 800 tons to 5,500 tons. We are capable to produce wide variety of magnesium/aluminum extruded forms and special shapes tailored to fit our customers’ needs. 

    Extrusion lines installed at BADA plants: 

    -5,500 MT extrusion press

    -3,000 MT extrusion press

    -1,800 MT extrusion press

    -1,450 MT extrusion press

    -800 MT extrusion press

    We offer:

    -Profile Sizes: a rod of 1.2 mm diameter at minimum and a profile of 500 mm diameter at maximum.

    -Tolerance: very tight dimension tolerances of ±0.15 mm or lower on a case-by-case basis.

    -Minimum Wall Thickness: 0.6 mm depending on the shape.

    -Quenching and Heat Treatment: we are capable of quenching and heat treatment.

    -Packaging: custom extrusion packaging is available. 

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    Magnesium alloy sheet

    BADA is capable of manufacturing magnesium plate, sheet, and strips. BADA’s plate and sheet fall under two categories: Heavy Gauge and Thin Gauge. Product dimensions for each category are the following:

    Heavy Gauge Plate

    -Sizes: 5 mm to 50 mm thick

    -Maximum Width: 650 mm

    Thin Gauge Sheet/Plate

    -Sizes: 0.4 mm to 5 mm thick

    -Maximum Width: 650 mm

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    Fabrication and Coating

    Full-service magnesium fabrication services and coating solutions are available, depending on our clients’ specifications and needs for their applications .

    Our fabrication and welding capabilities, including:

    -CNC Machining

    -Anode Fabrication

    -Cutting, Notching, Drilling, Bending, Spooling, Lathing, Welding


    Typical coatings include but are not limited to:

    -Anodizing or MAO/PEO

    -Chemical conversions by chromate or phosphate

    -Powder Coating

    -Electroless Coating

    CNC Machining
    Powder Coating
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