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Bada aluminum magnesium line and magnesium alloy die casting project settled in Wenxi County

Release time:2021.11.27 16:39:00

November 26, wenxi county magistrate Shi Yujiang led by the open area, ministry, merchants, and part of the head of the enterprise, in the guangxi zhuang autonomous region, city of pingguo aluminum magnesium new material industry development situation, enterprise field visits, to discuss investment cooperation, and with the city of pingguo aluminum magnesium tutors cable company signed a $500 million bada tutors aluminum magnesium and magnesium alloy die casting project. County open area party working committee secretary, management committee director Xue Yaodong, county government party members, government office director Niu Junyan attended.


Pingguo aluminum industry is an important engine to promote high quality industrial development in Guangxi. In recent years, Pingguo city in accordance with the "strong leading, chain repair, cluster" idea, to build a "bauxite mining, alumina, electrolytic aluminum, aluminum products intensive processing, solid waste comprehensive utilization" as one of the complete industrial chain, there are 38 aluminum-related enterprises, a total investment of 36.808 billion yuan. In the aluminum industrial park, Shi Yujiang visited the Guangxi Branch of Chinalco Group, Hualei New Materials, Ping Aluminum Doors and Windows Technology, Boguide Aluminum magnesium cable Company and other places, went into the enterprise exhibition hall, factory workshop and project base, and had a detailed understanding of the production and operation, industrial planning, marketing and investment orientation of each enterprise. It is pointed out that we should conscientiously study the ideas and measures of Pingguo city to accelerate the development of aluminum industry, emancipate the mind, update the concept, and promote the industrial enterprises in Wenxi County to achieve new breakthroughs in scientific research investment, technological transformation, transformation and upgrading.

Aluminum and magnesium, as green metals, are important contents and development trends of new materials industry, and are also the focus of this inspection and investment attraction. Bda aluminum magnesium wire and magnesium alloy die casting project is the key project of precise docking between Wenxi County Economic development Zone, Bda Magnesium Industry and Pingguo Boda Aluminum magnesium Cable Company. Located in Chengxi Industrial Park, it covers an area of 200 mu. After the implementation of the project, it can produce 15,000 tons of aluminum magnesium wire and magnesium alloy die casting parts annually, realizing an annual output value of 600 million yuan.


Shi Yujiang said that aluminum industry is pingguo's foreign name card, magnesium and aluminum new materials is pingguo's important industrial brand, which is highly consistent with wenxi county's "implementation of industrial strong county project, to create ten billion aluminum and magnesium alloy industrial cluster", providing a broad platform for bilateral cooperation. Hope that the two sides adhere to the "unity, together, common development" concept, seize opportunities, new material industry in the deep processing of aluminum magnesium alloy, high performance material, new energy vehicles, and other fields deep docking, cooperation, to make with characteristic of wenxi national aluminium magnesium alloy deep processing base, promoting the development of high quality industrial economy to lay a solid foundation.

Ma Shengquan, head of Pingguo Industrial Zone management and Service Center, said that Wenxi magnesium industry has obvious advantages, aluminum and magnesium new materials accelerated growth, great potential. Pingguo city will take Wenxi as a key partner, introduce new ideas, new models and new formats into Wenxi, and help the transformation and upgrading of aluminum and magnesium new materials industry and step into the fast track of development.


In the activity, Wenxi County and Pingguo Bodao Aluminum and magnesium cable Company signed the bodao Bada aluminum and magnesium alloy die casting project cooperation agreement.

Source | World Aluminum Network

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