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Analysis and breakthrough of industrial aluminum profile technology

Release time:2021.11.04 10:45:00

Industrial aluminum profile template is one of the preferred materials in the construction industry. With the development of China's real estate industry and the promotion of market level, the demand for industrial aluminum profile template is increasing. The production of industrial aluminum profile template needs mold forming, and the mold plays an important role in determining the quality of industrial aluminum profile template. The analysis of industrial aluminum template profile mould is of great help to the production and selection of high-quality moulds, so the analysis of 7050 industrial aluminum template profile mould is particularly important. The following is the analysis of the characteristics and technical difficulty of industrial aluminum template profile mould made by insiders:

(1) template profile varieties, complex shape, size changes, so the design and manufacture of different specifications, different structures, different forms of high-quality mold, in order to ensure forming and size, shape and position accuracy, need to carry out a lot of test work.


(2) the template requires industrialized mass production, the primary key is to improve the service life of the mold.

(3) the wide flat shape template profiles of width and thickness ratio greater than 100 above, wide and thin wall parts dimensional accuracy and plane gap is difficult to ensure, to the spread of a kind of special structure, reasonable distribution of shunt mold metal flow, to guarantee the forming of the material and high precision size requirements, especially to guarantee high precision of position tolerances, technical difficulty is bigger.

(4) in the template profile, the semi-hollow profile is in the majority, its tongue ratio is greater than 5, size and shape requirements for ultra-high precision, the need for a special structure of the mold to ensure the profile forming, and to achieve high precision, and to ensure that the mold has enough strength, no deformation, no cracking, no collapse, to ensure a high service life.

(5) The template profile requires a smooth surface, high size and shape accuracy, so it is necessary to use high-quality die steel and strict die heat treatment process, machining all the implementation of CNC process rules, in order to obtain high strength, high toughness, high precision, low surface roughness of the high-quality die.

Shanxi Bada Magnesium industry has five magnesium alloy extrusion production lines, respectively: 800T, 1800T, 3000T, 5500T, 5500T, with the ability to produce high performance, high strength, large section industrial magnesium/aluminum profiles, can realize the production and development of large size magnesium/aluminum profiles, in the high-end profile market competitiveness.

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