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Magnesium-Rare Earth Alloy
Origin:Wenxi, Shanxi Province, China
Material:Magnesium-Rare Earth Alloy
Designation:ZE61, MB22, AE80, WE43, WE54, VW63, VW94, etc.
Applications:Aerospace, Military

We are able to produce customized high strength Magnesium-RE Alloy  based on our customer's mechanical, chemical and physical requirements. 


1. Specific Strength: After aging, the tensile strength at room temperature can reach more than 430 MPa, and the specific strength can reach more than 220 MPa/(g·cm-3), which can replace some high-strength aluminum alloy materials in the aerospace field. It can completely replace the 2A12 (166 MPa/(g·cm-3)) aluminum alloy in the occasion. The tensile strength of cast Mg-RE alloy can reach more than 320MPa, which is comparable to ZL114A (strength 320MPa, elongation 3%) commonly used in aviation, which makes up for the low strength and poor plasticity of conventional cast magnesium alloy.

2. Heat Resistance: The tensile strength of some high-strength Mg-RE alloys can still reach 200MPa at 300℃, which is far superior to the heat resistance of aviation aluminum alloys (300℃, 7075 tensile strength is about 60MPa).

3. Damping: The impact resistance is 10 times that of aluminum alloys and 20 times that of plastics, which can play an important role in reducing equipment failure rates, reducing characteristic signals, and improving equipment combat effectiveness and battlefield survivability.

4. Welding Performance: RE elements inhibit the generation of porosity and cracks and react with gas to reduce the generation of pores.

5. Superplasticity: The elongation rate of superplastic sheet is as high as 500%, which provides support for the formation of aircraft skins and other complex shape components.

6. Flame Retardancy and Corrosion Resistance: RE elements purify the melt to improve the overall corrosion resistance; inhibit the cathodic reaction, reduce electrochemical corrosion, and improve the corrosion resistance and flame retardancy of the alloy.

Chemical Composition:

Chemical Composition of  High Strength Magnesium-RE Alloys.jpg

Mechanical Properties:

Mechanical Properties of  High Strength Magnesium-RE Alloys.jpg


High-strength Mg-RE alloys are mainly used in aviation, aerospace and military industries that have strong weight reduction requirements and must withstand space temperature changes, including cockpit frames, hoods, door frames, ribs, beams, missile pylons, missile cabins, Engines, cylinders and gearbox housings and other components.

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